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Contrax has a range of solutions to help your organization better manage its externally-sourced contingent workforce program and strategically manage your staffing agencies.

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The contingent workforce is a fantastic resource for organizations that want to achieve their workforce goals, yet the vast majority of organizations are still struggling to implement successful contingent workforce management programs.

That’s because managing the contingent workforce is complex. When managed improperly, organizations struggle with absolutely no visibility or control over their program.

The result? Hidden costs and rogue spend go undetected, and your business fails to hire high-quality workers to fill open positions.

Contrax works with you to implement a proven solution to source high-quality workers fast. 

Services We Offer

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Managed service needs within the contingent workforce are different for every client. The historical model of MSP has changed dramatically. Contrax provides completely scalable managed services for clients looking for some help in specific areas on an on-demand basis, all the way to fully outsourced MSP solutions. Contrax can help clients run the program themselves, take on parts or all of the process, groups of vendors, or specific categories. Flexibility is our sweet spot.

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Are you looking to enjoy the benefits of an MSP program, while at the same time avoiding the process flows and implementation efforts? No problem, a full MSP program isn't right for everyone. With our vendor-neutral master vendor offering, we act as your single point of contact for your company's entire externally-sourced workforce needs. Consolidate your entire program with one point of contact and one invoice, and reap the rewards of improved workforce quality.

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Move away from those time-consuming and error-prone spreadsheets you use to manage your contingent workforce, and instead us a vendor management system. A VMS is a software platform that underpins your entire contingent workforce program, allowing you to seamlessly manage processes such as sourcing workers, measuring vendor performance, managing staffing agency invoices and so much more. Save time, money and dramatically improve your entire program.

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If you've ever experienced a sudden influx of work or seasonal demand, you'll know just how difficult it is to scale up your workforce. One second your business is cruising along seamlessly, the next second you're in a mad dash to place high-quality workers into open positions as fast as you can. The good news? You don't need to do this alone. Contrax VMS has designed a project recruitment program where we can help parachute quality workers into your business in record time. 

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Unsure which one of our programs is best suited to your unique requirements? Every business has different challenges, pain points and goals when it comes to externally-sourced workers. As experts in our field, Contrax offers consulting services on an as-needed basis to ensure your organization is able to address all aspects of its contingent workforce and staffing agency management challenges. Whatever you need, we're here to help. 

Gain True ROI From Your Contingent Workforce

Contrax has a range of solutions that ensure your business is able to better manage its contingent workforce and externally-sourced worker program.  

By helping your organization to better manage staffing agencies, we ensure you are able to improve workforce quality, save money, improve internal efficiencies to save time, increase visibility into your non-traditional workforce and comply with regulatory legislation.

Are you ready to gain true ROI from your externally-sourced workforce?

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Quotes & Conversations

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Melie Matifat

Intelcom Express

"A VMS has helped put our contractors in one consolidated place - giving us visibility and control over our temporary workers from agencies, and enabling us to have more predictability and oversight of our costs."


VP of HR National Logistics

Delivery Company

We were experiencing awful no shows and turnover in our warehouses and our agencies were underperforming. Contrax implemented their MSP program including a VMS system and brought in new agencies as well as getting more from our existing ones. Almost immediately our no shows went down and the new agencies ensured we had a more reliable temp workforce

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Wayne Burgess

Conexis VMS

"Managing your staffing agencies comes with hundreds of data points, and manually entering this data into spreadsheets is simply both ineffective and inefficient. Using spreadsheets to manage your staffing vendors leads to fragmented processes and divided data across your organization."


VP Talent Acquisition

Healthcare Company

We were struggling to find the number of lab personnel we needed to handle the volume of lab testing we were working on. 

Contrax implemented their prime vendor strategy which drove immediate results. Within 2 months, we had hired over 500 lab resources across the country, in a very difficult space

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John Clark


"Completely consolidate your program with one point of contact and one invoice, and we will work closely with your company to ensure your externally-sourced workforce is helping you to reach your overall business goals."

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This comprehensive VMS Buyer’s Guide to help organizations with smaller contingent workforce management budgets find a solution that transforms how they manage their staffing agencies.

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