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Your Complete VMS Buyer's Guide

We've created this comprehensive Guide to help organizations with smaller contingent workforce budgets find a solution to transform how they manage their staffing agencies and contingent workers.

Case Study

Vendor Consolidation

To streamline internal processes and get more out of its national staffing partners, our client was looking for a solution for vendor management, invoice reconciliation, independent contractor management and more.

Case Study

Recruiting Agency Assessment

Our client was utilizing numerous suppliers with inconsistent contracts, service levels and pricing. And risk was assumed almost exclusively by our client. See how Contrax help resolve these issues.

Case Study

MSP Program

Find out how we designed and implemented a new MSP program that resulted in hundreds of thousand of dollars savings in the first year, and improved the way our client engaged with vendors.

Case Study

Market Assessment

On-site marketing is a strategic category for our client. They were not unhappy with their current provider but they realized it had been years since a proper market scan had been conducted