What People Say About Contrax

There’s one thing that keeps us going here at Contrax … happy customers. We take pride in knowing that our innovative contingent workforce management strategies and staffing agency management programs have helped our clients grow.

We're pleased to share some quotes about our innovative workforce management solutions and how they’ve helped our clients become more profitable.


Quotes & Conversations


Melie Matifat

Intelcom Express

"A VMS has helped put our contractors in one consolidated place - giving us visibility and control over our temporary workers from agencies, and enabling us to have more predictability and oversight of our costs."


VP of HR National Logistics

Delivery Company

We were experiencing awful no shows and turnover in our warehouses and our agencies were underperforming. Contrax implemented their MSP program including a VMS system and brought in new agencies as well as getting more from our existing ones. Almost immediately our no shows went down and the new agencies ensured we had a more reliable temp workforce

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Wayne Burgess

Conexis VMS

"Managing your staffing agencies comes with hundreds of data points, and manually entering this data into spreadsheets is simply both ineffective and inefficient. Using spreadsheets to manage your staffing vendors leads to fragmented processes and divided data across your organization."


VP Talent Acquisition

Healthcare Company

We were struggling to find the number of lab personnel we needed to handle the volume of lab testing we were working on. 

Contrax implemented their prime vendor strategy which drove immediate results. Within 2 months, we had hired over 500 lab resources across the country, in a very difficult space

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John Clark


"Completely consolidate your program with one point of contact and one invoice, and we will work closely with your company to ensure your externally-sourced workforce is helping you to reach your overall business goals."

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