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Transforming How You Manage Your Externally-Sourced Workforce With VMS Technology

Have you ever wondered if there’s a better way of managing your externally-sourced workforce other than manual and time-consuming spreadsheets?

A vendor management system (VMS) will help.

A VMS is a platform that allows your organization to facilitate, automate and consolidate all of the processes and data associated with managing your staffing agencies and externally-sourced workers.

Acting as a system of record for your company’s contingent workforce and externally-sourced perm employees, a vendor management system provides your business with the opportunity to seamlessly manage processes such as managing vendor relationships and measuring their performance, as well as sourcing, managing and paying your externally-sourced workers.

The result? Your business will access improved process efficiencies, complete visibility into staffing agencies and externally-sourced workers, consolidation of vendors for seamless management and significant reductions in cost.

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We Help Your Business Find the Right VMS Solution

Choosing the correct technology is critical to enabling your externally-sourced talent programs, as well as ensuring it is configured to meet your constantly changing business requirements.

Contrax helps our clients choose, implement and run the right system based on their business requirements.

We have established relationships with dozens of systems providers and have the knowledge to ensure your company gets the best deal, as well as ensuring that the implementation is smooth and quick.

Like all aspects of our offering, Contrax’ ethos is flexibility and scalability. We help clients map processes and build business requirements that result in a recommendation of multiple technology options, shortlisting and client decisions.

We then help in all areas of project support and implementation as well as on-going VMS management once live.

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