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Manage Your External Workforce With a Professional MSP

Contrax employs a flexible vendor neutral approach to managed services. Clients can choose the specific pieces of their externally-sourced workforce program to be managed by Contrax.

Our key focus is to provide as much flexibility as possible, taking tactical work off of our clients’ plates and allowing them to focus on the strategic, high-value work that drives business growth.

In fact, we’re on the leading edge of the MSP space, providing managed service solutions for organizations who otherwise would have no options.

We have simplified the traditional MSP model, making it a perfect solution to help organizations with smaller spend access a solution to help them better manage their externally-sourced workforce.

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We focus on delivering good people, fast, for a cost-effective price

Contrax has a roster of team members with deep experience in procurement and recruitment practices for contingent, freelance, and permanent workers sourced externally through staffing agencies.

Our leadership and delivery teams have a full cross-section of experience from the MSP, technology, and staffing industries. As a result, we’ve helped our clients place hundreds of thousands of workers and manage billions of dollars in workforce spend.

Providing clients with vendor-neutral solutions along with program flexibility is critical to having a long-lasting and healthy externally-sourced workforce program that moves with the markets and can adapt quickly to trends in the industry.

The Contrax MSP solution is based on improving all areas of cost, risk, quality, and visibility. We do this by customizing contingent workforce programs and allowing clients to choose when and where to use our expertise.

We have two main MSP focuses, contingent workforce management and permanent employees hired through staffing agencies.



Managed service needs within the contingent workforce are different for every client. The historical model of MSP has changed dramatically. Contrax provides completely scalable managed services for clients looking for some help in specific areas on an on-demand basis, all the way to fully outsourced MSP solutions. Contrax can help clients run the program themselves, take on parts of the process, groups of vendors, or specific categories. Flexibility is our sweet spot.



An often-overlooked area when it comes to supplier managed services is permanent hiring. Contrax helps clients consolidate the process, automate how they interact with permanent staffing vendors and manage permanent hire projects. Contrax helps give our clients expert vendors and access to a broader supply network and talent pool without having to dilute the current vendors base and on-board new vendors, with all the benefits of managed services such as consolidation, supplier performance reviews and project support.

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