Contingent Workforce Supplier Consolidation Services

Achieve True Vendor Consolidation With Supplier Consolidation Services

Are you looking for an easier way to manage the staffing agencies you use to fulfill your contingent workforce management requirements? 

Contrax is here to help with our Supplier Consolidation Services, where we help your organization save time and money through vendor consolidation. 

Let us take away the complex paperwork and processes associated with onboarding, offboarding, and paying your staffing agencies. We consolidate your suppliers, so that you have just one point of contact, one process, and one invoice.

We work to ensure your suppliers are onboarded in a compliant manner, with contracts signed, your custom supplier compliance checklist is enforced, new resources are onboarded, offboarded correctly, and payments are made when needed.

Through vendor consolidation, we save your company’s internal resources significant time and money, and due to our repeatable processes and deep expertise can typically onboard suppliers faster than a client can onboard themselves. 


What We Do and How it Helps

On-board new suppliers

Provides time and cost savings to on-board and off-board

Negotiate contracts under our client's direction
Creates one contractual relationship and saves time on back and forth discussion and negotiation.
Ensure vendor compliance
Generates time, cost, and headcount savings by not needing to manage compliance.
Facilitate the onboarding of every resource

Reduces your work effort and you gain a more efficient partner with repeatable processes.

Oversee time entry and approval
Achieves seamless visibility of spend and reporting due to consolidation through Contrax.
Consolidate approved time into one invoice
Gains significant savings on processing and easier to administer.
Invoice client
Pushes non-strategic suppliers under one single supplier.
Receive funds and distribute to each vendor
Benefits from a one-to-many relationship.
Reporting and analytics
Gives you complete visibility into the performance of your staffing agencies, helping to improve your contingent workforce program.

Consolidate Your Vendors into One Point of Contact

Are you dealing with dozens or even hundreds of staffing suppliers with many contingent resources? Contrax can scoop all of those up into one consolidated process with our innovative Supplier Consolidation Services. 

That means just one point of contact and one invoice for your business. 

This saves your internal team significant amounts of time and money so that you can spend your time focused on your strategic activities related to staffing agencies to meet your organization’s contingent needs - instead of completing tactical and time-consuming tasks like onboarding and offboarding suppliers.

You still maintain strategic relationships with the vendors where needed but download painful processes to Contrax.



The ongoing processes of managing small specialty suppliers and specialized staffing agencies can create workload challenges for your team. 

Instead of wasting the time of your internal team, your business can benefit greatly from outsourcing services such as invoice and payment management, onboarding, and offboarding to a third-party expert. 

We consolidate all approved time into one invoice, send a single invoice to our client, receive funds from clients and distribute them to the appropriate vendors.

No longer do you have to spend time managing 80 percent of your vendors who only represent around 10-20 percent of your spend. We’ll take the burden of onboarding and offboarding these vendors so that your team can focus on your core business competencies and grow your organization. The cost and productivity savings are huge!

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Ensure compliance among your staffing agencies

Contrax ensures supplier contracts meet all client compliance requirements such as confirmation of articles of incorporation, that government tax numbers are active and in good standing, to ensure business insurance coverage, custom client onboarding documents are complete, and much more. 

We ensure all suppliers are complying with the contract agreed with your organization and that all predefined standards are being met by those vendors. 

Once a deal is done with a staffing supplier, we facilitate the onboarding of the resource to make sure all background checks and onboarding documents are complete and that they are set up seamlessly in your organization’s system. From there, we oversee all time entry, approval, invoicing, and payment to the supplier.

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