Vendor & Process Control:
Better Manage Your Staffing Agencies

Does your organization hire hourly-based workers and permanent employees through staffing agencies?

Staffing agencies are a fantastic resource for achieving your company’s workforce targets.

The proper use of staffing agencies can help your organization access hot skills, scale its workforce rapidly, reduce workforce costs, and improve the quality of both your temporary and permanent workforce.

In fact, all of these benefits lead to a more efficient and profitable business.

Yet your organization can only realize these benefits with an effective staffing agency management strategy in place.

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Managing staffing agencies is time-consuming and complex.

It requires a strategic outlook that manages and analyses every step of the staffing agency process, from sourcing vendors, negotiating contracts, onboarding, controls and compliance, cost management, risk mitigations, vendor performance analysis and so much more!

Most organizations simply do not have the experience and know-how to do this efficiently and effectively. Here at Contrax VMS we are experts in staffing agency management.

We will work with your organization to design a staffing agency management program that saves your business money, improves your workforce quality and gives you more time to focus on what truly matters - your company’s core competencies.

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The successful management of staffing agencies is an important step in achieving your workforce objectives, and, in turn, reaching your overall business goals

With our staffing agency management solutions, your business will be able to:

  • Improve the quality of your externally-sourced workforce.
  • Save money across your vendor-sourced workforce hiring processes.
  • Centralize, consolidate and standardize the management of staffing agencies across your entire organization.
  • Mitigate risk within its staffing agency processes.
  • Make smarter and data-based vendor selections.
  • Improve visibility into staffing agency performance.

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