Staffing Agency Management That Delivers True ROI to Your Business


Contrax has a range of solutions to help your organization better manage its externally-sourced workforce program and strategically manage the staffing agencies associated with it.

With our vendor-neutral approach to vendors and technology, we are able to custom-design a program specifically for the needs of your business.

The result? We ensure that your business has complete visibility into its externally-sourced workforce, meaning you are able to save money and hire better quality talent when it comes to the temp and contract workers and employees you hire through staffing agencies.

In fact, here at Contrax, we have a long track record of delivering huge ROI to our clients. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect to see when working with us to manage your staffing agencies and contingent workforce program:



Significant hard and soft dollar savings achieved through rate card management, spend control and multiple process efficiencies.

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Effective management of your staffing agencies so that your business is able to hire quality workers, quickly. 

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Uncover rogue spend with visibility to hidden dollars not captured, a view to potential efficiencies and a central data collection point to bring vendor performance data together.

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Multiple cross functional process improvement opportunities including invoice consolidation, requisition management, timesheet automation and many more.

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Reducing risk in all areas and improved regulatory compliance. Best in class supplier agreements; supplier conformity; on time program roll outing; correct worker classifications.

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