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Outsourced Contingent Workforce Solutions That Improve Your ROI

There’s no doubt, managing a contingent workforce is both time consuming and complex.

Contingent workforce management requires time, the implementation of repeatable processes, expertise in the contingent category, the ability to successfully manage a large number of suppliers, and specialized technology.

This is no easy task for an organization.

If a business doesn't get contingent workforce management right, their program will be rampant with issues such as rogue spend, poor workforce quality, below-par staffing agency partnerships, spiraling and inconsistent costs and inefficient processes.

Not only does this waste time for a company’s procurement and HR team taking them away from core competencies that drive real value to the business, but it also wastes company money as the business spends far more than it needs to.

The result? The business isn’t optimizing its contingent workforce ROI.

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Contrax is Here to Help!

To help organizations address their contingent workforce challenges, Contrax has a range of solutions that ensure businesses are able to better manage their contingent workforce program and improve ROI.

By helping businesses to better manage their contingent workforce programs, Contrax empowers them to save money, improve their internal efficiencies, as well as significantly enhance their ability to acquire top talent. 

By doing so, we help them to achieve their overall business objectives.

Are you looking to gain visibility and control over your contingent workforce? Reach out to us today.

We Provide a Full Suite of Contingent Workforce Management Solutions

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One of the most time consuming aspect of any contingent workforce management program is the admin related to your suppliers. These tasks take your team away from business critical jobs that help your organization grow. With our Supplier Consolidation Services, we take the pain away of managing the administration of staffing agencies, allowing your team to focus on the core competencies and strategies that grow your business.

What's included

  • Client sourced and managed vendors
  • Client req/process management
  • Contrax contract consolidation
  • Vendor off/onboarding
  • Vendor compliance management
  • Contrax payment consolidation
  • VMS provision - payment, visibility and reporting
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The detailed process flows and implementation of a full MSP program isn’t right for every business. That’s why Contrax has developed its unique MSP Lite service, where we act as a single point of contact for all of your contingent workforce needs. Contrax works to consolidate your entire program, allowing you to access the benefits of improved talent acquisition, reduced costs and saved time without the complexity of a full MSP program.

What's included:

All services in Supplier Consolidation, plus... 

  • Contrax vendor marketplace access
  • Contrax req and process management
  • Rapid VMS implementation
  • Less customization
  • VMS for req-to-cheque
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Are you looking to outsource the burden of managing your entire contingent workforce program? Contrax provides customized, full-service and highly-strategic MSP programs for clients looking to outsource their contingent workforce. We can help clients run the program themselves, take on parts of the process or manage the entire strategic program so that they are able to get good people, fast, for a cost-effective price.

What's included

All services in Supplier Consolidation and MSP Lite, plus...

  • Customized implementation
  • Absorbing existing vendors
  • Full req-to-cheque management
  • Full vendor scorecarding and performance management
  • Full VMS customization and integration
  • Detailed reporting
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Why Choose Contrax?

Using our extensive experience and industry expertise to build contingent workforce management services that make a difference, Contrax implements solutions into your business to give you a competitive edge.

Through our Supplier Consolidation, MSP Lite and MSP programs, we help businesses to improve their talent acquisition, save money, find new efficiencies and improve the relationship they have with staffing agencies.

Improve talent acquisition: The most important aspect of any contingent workforce program is sourcing high-quality talent, fast. Contrax implements repeatable processes, technology and highly-strategic reporting that enables your organization to access high-quality talent when you need it.

Gain new efficiencies: Managing your contingent workforce, and the staffing agencies associated with it, is time-consuming. Contrax takes that internal administration off of your hands, allowing your team to focus on core competencies.

Save money: Stop wasting your team's time. When you work with Contrax, our repeatable processes mean we are able to achieve the same output and high-quality results at a far lower cost for your business. 

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