Improve How You Acquire Contingent Talent and Permanent Employees Through Agencies

You know the potential benefits of sourcing talent through staffing agencies, but is your business still struggling to acquire high-quality temporary and permanent talent through this method?

Without an effective staffing agency management process in place, your business is at significant risk of missing out on high-quality talent and hiring lower quality talent in their place.

This has a serious impact on your ability to reach workforce targets. Yet what if there was a solution that would help you better manage your staffing agencies and help you better access high-quality talent?

Contrax VMS is here to help you meet your workforce goals through better staffing agency management.

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Enhance Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Contrax are experts in staffing but we are not a staffing agency. We find you higher quality people, faster at a better price by doing things a whole new way – sourcing, selecting and managing staffing agencies on your behalf.

We have access to more and better candidates through our network of 1,000 pre-approved staffing agencies that are handpicked for each role. Clients’ benefits from one point of contact, managing all aspects of the open role while benefiting from access to a much bigger pool of candidates.

You’ll never have to google search for staffing agencies again. Contrax covers all geographies and job categories, picking specialized and proven agencies for those roles while being a single point of contact for our clients. We can even use your existing agencies too.

Contrax customizes each solution for every client with a focus on improving cost, process and quality.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with our team of experts today. We would love to answer any questions you have, and come up with a strategy that ensures your business access to higher-quality talent.

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