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31 May 2018

Let Information Create Outcomes | Contrax Blog

The thing that stands out with me is how – things that seem small and insignificant – mean so much to our clients.

21 February 2018

In House MSP's | Contrax Blog

One area of focus for self run MSP’s should be to minimize and download tactical and operational workload.

4 December 2017

SOW - The Great Chameleon | Contrax Blog

In many cases after peeling back the layers of the SOW agreement we find that they are in fact traditional contingent staffing.

4 November 2017

RFP...Not Again | Contrax Blog

All too often I hear of organizations jumping way too fast onto the Holy Grail of procurement saviours – The Request for Proposal.

7 October 2017

Vendor overload is work overload | Contrax Blog

If you are responsible for 3rd party vendors you know how much work it can be dealing with them day to day.

20 January 2017

Expect More from your Vendor Consolidators | Contrax Blog

Good old Pareto is right almost every time. 80% of your spend is typically with 20% of your vendors.

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