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7 January 2021

Do You Have Time to Manage All Your Temp Agencies

Jordan, a recent Contrax client, engaged us to help optimize her temp management strategy to ensure her company could meet a huge military contract they had just won.

16 December 2020

Having Trouble Screening Employees? Here’s What to Do

Most businesses reaching out to temp agencies care about who gets through their screening processes but sometimes interviewees are rushed.

28 July 2019

Make SOW Capabilities a Major Decision Factor

When choosing a VMS technology and MSP service provider don’t jump too fast to base your decision on the providers capabilities in contract labor alone.

29 May 2019

Open v. Closed Marketplace | Contrax Blog

It is so refreshing to see that in the last year so many contingent labor programs are shifting away from a closed marketplace.

10 May 2019

Automating SOW Procurement | Contrax Blog

Ho Hum, another eProcurement article. Ok I get it, but hear me out. Are you happy with how your SOW expenditure is being procured? 

10 October 2018

Markup vs. Margin | Contrax Blog

If you understand the difference between margin and markup you can stop reading.

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