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13 May 2021

Here's How to be a Great Manager with Short Term Staff

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Are you a business owner eager to take on contingent workers, excited at the prospect of doing so? Great! There’s a lot to look forward to. Outsourcing for temps can deliver huge gains to productivity, workforce efficiency, morale, and profit potential. So, what does it take to be a great manager of such a dynamic team?

“For me, it was about a willingness to listen, adapt, and grow with my team,” said Michael, a long time Contrax client who we have provided various instances of advisory and process refinement. “A few years back, I thought I had all the answers and pinned shortcomings on my temp agencies as a sort of knee-jerk reaction, but that’s not how things really work. Contrax was amazing at helping me understand that, and that’s why we’re in such great shape today.”

Michael’s feedback makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but not without reason: Many clients who come to us at first believe they have all the knowledge they need to lead effectively. However, by refining your processes and getting to know what works for your company, increasing your knowledge in the staffing industry can lead to significant gains.

Here are some extra-important things you can do to become the best-darned manager your short-and-long-term staff has ever had!


No, you don’t need to run around with shiny stickers and gift cards (and nor should you) but finding a professional way to show your team that you can see how hard they’re working does pay off. For instance, a simple handwritten thank you note can motivate temps and full-time workers to continue to pull their weight. Everyone needs a bit of positive reinforcement once in a while, even if some of us don’t like to admit it! If a temp worker proves themselves and has the option to become full time they will want to stay because of the way you treat them, this could also mean increased potential by retaining excellent employees.

Optimized Time Management

Okay, so here’s where a VMS (Vendor Management System) can really make a difference should it be a challenge to find enough hours in the day for every little thing. If you can’t make sense of your books, are struggling to translate your paper timesheets from hieroglyphics into English (we’ve all been there) and are stressed from a lack of effective communication, stop and breathe. Now, reach out to experts who can act as the middleman between you and your temp agencies. It could be a simple confusion snowballing an issue, or maybe those time management issues are coming from something else. Regardless, effective optimization and automation is one of the key indicators of a good manager. 

Excellent Communication

We’ve mentioned the need for good communication already, but what’s behind it? What makes it happen? As it turns out, it’s a combination of active listening and being receptive to the needs of others. Whether it’s your temp agency struggling to recruit ideal candidates due to missing information or a temp employee feeling like they’re not receiving adequate training, your entire team performs at their peak when you enable them to. That’s why excellent communication is at the core of being a great leader.

All in all, you should be excited about hiring short term staff for the first time! Don’t doubt yourself as a manager. Instead, focus on how you perform and work with others and see if there’s room for improvement either in your processes or how you collaborate. If you need a helping hand in getting there, working with an established and trusted MSP (Master Services Provider) is a great way to ensure you and your suppliers work well together. Contact us at Contrax today for assistance – we’re glad to help!

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