How to improve the quality of temp staffing
27 July 2022

How to Improve the Quality of Temp Staffing

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Temp staffing can be a great way to get some extra hands on deck when you need to scale fast without having to invest in full-time employees year-round. 

But, chances are you are not looking for just anybody to fill temporary positions. Companies need high quality workers that will provide skills and experience while also upholding professional standards of quality.

To help improve the quality of your temporary workers, consider these three tips: 

  1. Work with the right staffing agencies 

There’s no shortage of temporary staffing agencies for you to work with. But like any business partnership, some agencies will be better than others at meeting your specific requirements. That’s why you need to review each agency before engaging them. Here are some of the factors you want to consider: 

  • What is their recruitment process? 
  • What form of vetting and testing do they use? 
  • Is the agency focused on a niche market that is beneficial to you? 
  • How quickly can they connect you with potential candidates?
  • Are they the right size - will they prioritize your open roles 

Working with reputable agencies who have processes in place to hire the best workers is what you are looking for. You’ll then want to ensure you have processes in place to better manage your staffing agencies, and evaluate their performance. 

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  1. Don’t wait until the last minute 

Waiting until the last minute to hire temporary workers can make the process much harder. Rushing can lead to important stages of the vetting process being missed and can leave you with less-than-ideal options to choose from. 

Like any aspect of your business, it’s important to forecast your contingent workforce needs, whenever possible. This will ensure your temporary staffing agency has the necessary time to find you high-quality candidates. 

  1. Build strong relationships with staffing agencies

While the agency is there to serve you and do the brunt of the tasks when it comes to finding contingent talent, it’s important you take the time to work with them. This will ensure they know exactly what you’re looking for and will help streamline future processes. Building a strong relationship can also improve the level of service you receive. 

Building a strong relationship with your staffing agencies can help ensure that:

  • The contingent workers they place within your organization are productive and meet your requirements.
  • That high-quality talent can be placed within your organization again when required.

Do you need help improving your company’s talent acquisition?

Is your business struggling to acquire high-quality temporary and permanent talent through staffing agencies? Contrax has a range of solutions from improved staffing agency management, MSP programs and VMS software that will help your organization better manage its contingent workforce program and improve your talent acquisition processes.

We can help your business:

  • Keep track of market rates so that you can offer competitive pay without spending more than you have to.
  • Streamline processes so that every step from onboarding to payment is seamless for you, your temporary staff and the agency.
  • Provide better insights about your contingent workforce program so that you can make continual improvements as you move forward.

To learn more about improving the quality of your temps and how the Contrax team can help, please contact us today.

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