19 August 2021

How Do Temp Agencies and Vendor Management Systems Help My Business?

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So, we at Contrax talk the talk. Can we walk the walk? Yes! Based on our high satisfaction rates and loads of positive feedback.

Margaret owns a large distribution company and is never sure of the demand she needs for warehouse sorters, packers, and stackers on a daily basis so, at first, she was unsure whether working with a Master Services Provider (MSP) for her temp agencies and a Vendor Management System (VMS) would benefit operations – after all, she had the relationships with the agencies and her team of 30 in accounts payable were managing all the timesheets and invoicing manually so they could match the invoice to the timesheet  – but oh man! It was a lot of work to coordinate the daily influx of temps and there were hundreds of timesheets to look at.

“It didn’t make sense to me at first, but then, that was because I didn’t understand what an MSP could do for me,” Margaret said in a recent call to check on how things were going. “It was great, the Contrax team took time to understand my operations, the fact that we had locations in 5 cities over 3 Provinces (one being Quebec) didn’t seem to faze them and said all I needed to do was let the warehouse managers know to give Contrax their daily role demand and shift requirement and let them run with it. I thought… Yeah right, we have the relationships and know how much organization this takes – there is no way this is going to work.  We had an intake call, Contrax asked the right questions and we got started. They were also able to handle our French location and suppliers with their own bi-lingual person! In a week I had already received feedback from my warehouse managers – they were no longer dealing with agencies every 5 minutes, there were temps at their door by shift time, everything was tracked in Contrax’s proprietary VMS software and my God! We were off to the races! My management team actually had time to manage and I could not believe my luck! – Contrax made everything come together. I now have time to focus on expanding my business.”

It’s stories like this that inspire us to help our clients in every way possible. Our company looks at the pain companies are facing with their temporary demand, we focus on quality, listening to our clients and becoming a trusted partner. Working through the solution together and using best industry practices is what we’re all about.

Cost Control

Whether you have a business model like Margaret’s or have casual demand, you need focus and efficiency in the area of staffing.  From understanding your daily/monthly demand to the administrative work that goes into managing timesheets, invoices and payment, having a manual system you will find a lot of opportunities for little slip-ups to snowball into stressful problems, potential double payments and incorrect invoicing. That said, don’t give up hope, as collaborating with a professional company who can act as the broker between you and your temp agencies and incorporating a VMS will fix any failing processes. 

Stress Reduction

Incorporating a VMS into your daily grind makes a lot of sense. There’s no need to pull your hair out any more thanks to the technology and user-friendliness of a VMS. The tool manages each worker, time is entered and approved by the Manager who knows when they worked (or can be incorporated into your clocking in/out system), invoices are generated from approved time only, so you know what you’re paying… automated and correct. Now that’s stress reduction! 

Keeping Track

When it comes to timesheets, invoicing, reporting and otherwise in 2019, stop with all the paperwork – save a tree!! A VMS greatly reduces the risk of inaccurate reporting and losing valuable data, giving you a digital, streamlined platform in which you can manage. Plus, we at Contrax are always here to help ensure you know how to use it, so professional support is never far away. It’s the little details that matter!

In conclusion, an MSP paired with a VMS for your needs ensures a win-win scenario. Make it happen by reaching out to us at Contrax today. We’re proud to offer dedicated service and support that you can count on!

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