Case Study - Vendor Consolidation

Case Study – Vendor Consolidation
Global Consulting Company

The Challenge

In order to streamline internal processes and get more out of its national staffing partners, our client – a leader in Systems Integration and Management Consulting – was looking for a solution that would encompass vendor management, invoice reconciliation, independent contractor management and ensure compliance to both internal and external regulations.

The Contrax Approach

A partnership between our Client’s internal Procurement team and Contrax was formed. This relationship allowed our Client to take advantage of our knowledge of VMS technology, other contingent workforce management programs in the marketplace and creative independent contractor management solutions. Our team of experts quickly went to work and created a solution that provided unparalleled expertise in procurement processes, vendor performance metrics, invoice consolidation and independent contractor payroll services. The service being 100% vendor funded.

Some highlights of our delivery include:

1 - Assisting with the vendor rollout of their VMS – IQ Navigator in Canada
2 - Providing our client with a competitive rate sheet to integrate into their VMS
3 - Rationalized vendor base into three tiers (Preferred, Approved and Niche)
4 - Initiated and facilitated an RFP for independent contractor payrolling
5 - Assumed the day to day management & resolution of vendor issues/inquiries
6 - Working with client bid teams to provide resourcing cost & options

The Result

Our team was able to transition dozens of suppliers, a 100% success rate and hundreds of resources including independent contractors without interruption to day-to- day business. A revised process for distributing requirements was also created to ensure that vendors had a fair and equitable opportunity on requirements that were distributed to them.

Our program has resulted in a wide range of benefits some of which are highlighted below:

  • Improved fill rates
  • Millions of dollars in cost savings
  • 100% statutory and policy Compliance
  • Contributed to several client bid wins
  • Requisition posting improvements
  • Productivity gains for operations

Our client has been so happy with the model that it is being implemented in other geographies.

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Quotes & Conversations

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Melie Matifat

Intelcom Express

"A VMS has helped put our contractors in one consolidated place - giving us visibility and control over our temporary workers from agencies, and enabling us to have more predictability and oversight of our costs."

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John Clark


"Completely consolidate your program with one point of contact and one invoice, and we will work closely with your company to ensure your externally-sourced workforce is helping you to reach your overall business goals."

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Wayne Burgess

Conexis VMS

"Managing your staffing agencies comes with hundreds of data points, and manually entering this data into spreadsheets is simply both ineffective and inefficient. Using spreadsheets to manage your staffing vendors leads to fragmented processes and divided data across your organization."

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