Project Recruitment

Scaling up Your Workforce to Meet Peak Demand

Is your business working seamlessly one minute, but in desperate need of skilled workers the next?

We’ve seen it over and over again, with hundreds of different companies. One week your organization is running smoothly, managing hiring effectively and meeting their client’s deliverables with ease.

Then bam… it’s peak season before you know it. Either your business has signed a new contract and is working on a new project or seasonal demand has arrived and you forgot to bring in additional talent to supplement your existing team.

people scale

To meet this demand, your business needs to significantly scale up its workforce. That means you need to manage a significant number of dedicated recruitment resources or new vendors in a bid to source talented workers in your field.

The problem is, by the time you know you need to scale up your workforce it’s already too late. You're in desperate need to scale, yet your current setup doesn't enable this. 

You scramble to find recruiters or staffing agencies then have to on-board them and manage them. 

The result? Hidden spend has a significant impact on your company’s profitability, panic sourcing leads to a huge decline in the quality of your workforce and your business is unable to hit the hiring targets set by management. 


Contrax VMS Places High-Quality Workers Into Your Business, Fast

With access to high-quality candidates through our network of 1,000 pre-approved staffing agencies that are handpicked for the specific needs of your organization, Contrax VMS is able to source high-quality workers rapidly.

To help ensure your business is able to scale its workforce up in rapid time during peak demand, without losing workforce quality, Contrax has designed a project recruitment program where we can help your business with a team of dedicated recruiters and handpicked staffing agencies to parachute workers into your organization to help fulfill your workforce needs.

Our project recruitment program brings in highly-skilled workers into your organization, ensuring you are able to fulfill an increase in customer demand during your peak season or for a newly-signed project.

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